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Van Alebeek

ragusa is a very beautiful baroque town in the south of sicily.

tourists come to visit the architectural splendors such as the cathedral of st george - the duomo, but often find it difficult to find the way, since the old town is full of narrow winding streets.

the front door of the house where our recording sessions were held is often open to have some cool breeze, tourists passing stick their nose inside and ask where they can find the duomo.

one august morning we decided to help them and put up some signs, in the wrong direction of course, leading pass the courtyard where we held our illegal concert using traditional instruments, voice, loop station, various kinds of feedback, and tapes with field recordings and non definable recordings.

this concert and the documentation of it is part of our new cd that will also include more sounds short movies, pictures, writings and information on how to install your own web radio

Anche tu nella tua cittą!

Organizza anche tu nella tua cittą un concertino clandestino. Coinvolgi i turisti, gli operai o gli impiegati.

L'8 agosto 2005 a Ibla (RG), c'era bordello, tanti stranieri e visitatori; tutti ci chiedevano informazioni sul Duomo e noi le abbiamo affisse.

urban scoring kit kit di sonorizzazione urbana mainenti tirriddiliu van alebeek

ISTRUZIONI PER L'USO DEL KIT ||  instructions for use

trova un posto dove montare la piccola amplificazione e procurati la luce elettrica [find a place where you can put up your little equipment and procreate some electricity]

prepara dei fogli con le indicazioni (che portino al luogo del concerto), regola i volumi delle casse [prepare the sheets, filling out a popular local destination (like the cathedral or Madonnalds free food action), that should lead the visitors to your concert. Take care of the volume of the amplifier]

attacca tutti i manifesti, accendi una telecamera diretta verso l' ignaro pubblico [put up all your 'roadsigns' , put on the videocamera and direct it
towards the place where the public is supposed to walk by]

inizia lo spettacolo [start the concert]

scarica (download)


Urban Scoring Kit (musica)

Urban Scoring Kit (video)

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